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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Teton Tuesday: big news from a familiar face

My apologies to the entire TR community for my lack of recent Tuesday contributions. I have not forsaken the blogosphere, but rather have been giving the majority of our trap cameras some much needed TLC in anticipation of our newly reinvented wildlife survey. As this field season gets under way, our cameras will again begin to capture the hidden world of Tejon wildlife and I look forward to sharing the highlights with you all in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, I am currently running a limited number of test cameras around a very isolated spring nestled into the southern folds of Winters Ridge. It is with great parental tenderness and Springtime zest that I reintroduce you all to a friend of mine that I first described in a Teton Tuesday post from October of last year (
I have been both confounded and enamored with this particular female black bear for almost a year now, as her clearly identifiable two-tone coat combined with her insatiable appetite to investigate and destroy my trap cameras has made her a minor celebrity among Conservancy staff. Over the last few months she appeared to be off the grid entirely, until last month when she reappeared on my test cameras with two tiny cubs! I am happy to report that both cubs appear healthy and curious, and except for a nasty little scar on her nose, so does mom. 



and in case you were wondering, yes, she succeeded in dismantling all three of the cameras used in these recordings…