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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tejon Ranch Conservancy Receives Land Trust Alliance Accreditation! By Tom Maloney, Executive Director

We are very pleased to report that the Land Trust Accreditation Commission has accepted the Tejon Ranch Conservancy as an Accredited Land Trust!  This achievement is testament to the vision set forth in the 2008 Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Plan that thoughtfully considered the corporate governance and organizational independence that would be necessary for the Conservancy to join the land trusts that demonstrate best practices in their conservation activities.  (Notably, the six year anniversary of the Agreement was just 10 days ago!)

Many people are responsible for this achievement including the awesome suite of brilliant pro bono attorneys at Gibson Dunn that have provided immeasurable support to the Conservancy since its inception.  The deep collaboration with Tejon Ranch Company and Resource Group staff and counsel has also been instrumental in the Conservancy’s development.  However, it should be noted that all of that support and guidance needed an engine to drive the accreditation process.  That engine was Jennifer Browne who assembled the materials and coordinated the preparation of the necessary documents.  THANK YOU JENNIFER!

For more information on the importance of LTA Accreditation and the role of Land Trusts for conservation, check out these resources: